Library Committee

An ad hoc Library Committee has been established for the Spring semester of 1998 for the purpose of evaluating the Stark Campus Library's serial collection. The following is a list of the faculty serving on this committee:

Jacob Blumner
Andrew Burns
Virginia Carroll
Sharon Carson
Roger Davis
John Harkness
Rob Kairis
Maureen Kilcullen
George Klee
Judy Kooistra
Greg Little
Robert Sturr
Joseph Wagner

The work of the committee members will be to evaluate three aspects of the collection, based, in part, on recommendations from faculty in all academic departments on the Stark campus. The committee will make recommendations to the dean regarding:

  1. The disposition of duplicated serial subscriptions with online equivalents
  2. Whether or not current subscriptions should be canceled and replaced with more appropriate titles
  3. The addition of new online services (particularly in the area of social science or humanities


Duplicated Serial Titles

With the addition of three full text online services (Academic Index, Periodicals Abstracts, and ABI/Inform), the library now subscribes to a number of serials that are also available from one, two, or all three of these full text services. As a result, the list of duplicated titles will be sent to faculty coordinators. The coordinators should share this information with other faculty in the department. If the department feels strongly that one or more titles should not be canceled, the justification for retaining the subscription will be forwarded to the committee for discussion. The committee will then make recommendations for all duplicated titles (determining whether or not they should be canceled) to the dean.


Current Subscriptions

Program coordinators will also be sent a list of serial titles related by subject to their department. They (along with other faculty in the department) will be asked to evaluate the list to determine if any titles should be canceled or replaced with more appropriate titles. In some cases if the department provides justification, the consideration will be given to add new titles without canceling an equivalent number of titles. Similar to the evaluation of duplicated titles, the library committee will discuss the coordinators' decisions and forward recommendations to the dean.


New Online Services

The library committee will look at the benefits provided by two online services produced by HW Wilson (Humanities Abstracts, and Social Sciences Abstracts). These services are similar in function as Academic Index. However, they are narrower in scope, providing indexing and full content to serials specifically published in the two disciplines. The committee will determine if the benefits of either or both services are such that the library should acquire them. That recommendation will be forwarded to the dean.


Supporting Documentation

To assist the committee, the following documents are provided:

 ABI/Inform (requires the Adobe Acrobat reader)
Periodicals Abstracts (requires the Adobe Acrobat reader)
Academic Index ASAP (requires the Adobe Acrobat reader)