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[Thackeray's works] Thackeray, William Makepeace b2700001
96 Piccadillies Roth, Dieter b2178560
A chronological view of the world Haskel, Daniel b2866793
A chymical catechism, or, The application of chymistry to the arts Parkes, Samuel b2867115
A course of six lectures on the chemical history of a candle Faraday, Michael b2699505
A course of six lectures on the various forces of matter, and their relations to each other Faraday, Michael b2699340
A history of New York Irving, Washington b2699333
A history of useful arts and manufactures b2699495
A thousand words and a few phrases Stroube, Jack A b2868766
A view of society and manners in France, Switzerland, and Germany Moore, John b2699912
A weaver of dreams Reed, Myrtle b2699872
Abregé sur les sciences & sur les arts, par demandes & par Résponses Palairet, Jean b2699522
Acts passed at the first session of the Fifth Congress of the United States of America b2699329
American wit and humor b2866163
An African folktale b2868296
An epitome of chemistry Henry, William b2867118
An essay concerning human understanding. Locke, John b2699306
An introduction to mineralogy Comstock, J. L. b2866796
Ancient mineralogy Moore, Nathaniel Fish b2699952
Andrew Wyeth Wyeth, Andrew b2868091
Antony & Cleopatra Shakespeare, William b2868134
Arts treasury of rarities and curious inventions White, John b2699334
Audubon and his journals Audubon, John James b2699515
Bad astronomy Plait, Philip C b2852356
Birds of America Audubon, John James b2868094
Booth's manual of domestic medicine Booth, John T. b2866332
Burton or, The sieges. Ingraham, J. H. b2867969
Callinicus Haldane, J. B. S. b2699983
Castles in the air Read, Leonard Edward b1924482
Chemistry, theoretical, practical, and analytical Muspratt, Sheridan b2866347
China Douglas, Robert K. b2699524
Condition of the Indian tribes b2866786
Congeries Paracelsicae chemiae de transmutationibus metallorum Paracelsus b2699303
Daboll's schoolmaster assistant Daboll, Nathan b2867972
Daniel Deronda Eliot, George b2699287
De morandi Power, Kevin b2868101
Death of Hektor Coffey, Brian b2868129
Diamonds and toads b2867977
E. E. Cummings, a miscellany. Cummings, E. E. b2051261
Einstein 1905 Rigden, John S b3020444
Elbert Hubbard's scrap book Hubbard, Elbert b2866175
Elements of chemistry Chaptal, Jean-Antoine-Claude b2699981
Elements of chemistry Comstock, J. L. b2867775
Elements of chemistry in a new systematic order containing all the modern discoveries Lavoisier, Antoine Laurent b2699344
Emmy Lou Martin, George Madden b2866857
Exotics and retrospectives Hearn, Lafcadio b2867126
Fantastics and other fancies Hearn, Lafcadio b2699993
Fight for a city Grant, Bruce b2699878
Five thousand receipts in all the useful and domestic arts MacKenzie, Colin b2866848
Friendship and Love Emerson, Ralph Waldo b2169710
From quarks to the cosmos Lederman, Leon M b2160762
Gleanings in Buddha fields Hearn, Lafcadio b2867121
Glimpses of unfamiliar Japan Hearn, Lafcadio b2867101
God's man Ward, Lynd b2865610
Gold White, Stewart Edward b2699882
Handy Andy Lover, Samuel b2699290
Histoire de la céramique Jacquemart, Albert b2699514
Holocaust project Chicago, Judy b3222261
Howdy, honey, howdy Dunbar, Paul Laurence b2867142
In ghostly Japan Hearn, Lafcadio b2867117
In ole Virginia Page, Thomas Nelson b2699509
Jancourt's railway and steamship tourist map of Europe b2699517
Japanese fairy tales Hearn, Lafcadio b2699500
Kathrina Holland, J. G. b2699887
Kimiko Hearn, Lafcadio b2867131
Klondike b2865838
Kwaidan Hearn, Lafcadio b2866794
Lafcadio Hearn in Japan. Noguchi, Yoné b2867124
Lafcadio Hearn Thomas, Edward b2867137
Lafcadio Hearn: first editions and values Targ, William b2867127
Later love letters of a musician Reed, Myrtle b2699874
Laws of the United States of America b2699330
Lazy Charlotte b2867984
Le salon de 1896 Thiébault-Sisson, François b2865845
Leaves of grass Whitman, Walt b2865690
Little journeys to the homes of the great Hubbard, Elbert b2866424
Love letters of a musician Reed, Myrtle b2699875
Mad man's drum. Ward, Lynd b2865612
Mahomet and his successors Irving, Washington b2866171
McGuffey's fifth eclectic reader McGuffey, William Holmes b2868006
McGuffey's fourth eclectic reader McGuffey, William Holmes b2868004
McGuffey's newly revised eclectic fourth reader McGuffey, William Holmes b2868005
McGuffey's second eclectic reader McGuffey, William Holmes b2867999
McGuffey's second eclectic reader McGuffey, William Holmes b2868000
McGuffey's sixth eclectic reader McGuffey, William Holmes b2868007
McGuffey's third eclectic reader McGuffey, William Holmes b2868001
Memoirs of Louis XIV and the regency Saint-Simon, Louis de Rouvroy b2866406
Memoirs of the Comtesse du Barry Du Barry, Jeanne Bécu b2866408
Memoirs of the emperor Napoléon from Ajaccio to Waterloo, as soldier, emperor, husband Abrantès, Laure Junot b2866409
Metallographia Webster, John b2699986
Modern painters Ruskin, John b2699345
Mother Notkin, Louis M. b2699914
Muriel Foster's fishing diary Foster, Muriel b2699980
My days and nights on the battle-field Coffin, Charles Carleton b2700006
Mythological fictions of the Greeks and Romans Moutz, Karl Philipp b2699984
Nineteenth annual report of the Bureau of American Ethnology b2866395
Old Creole days Cable, George Washington b2699508
Our times Sullivan, Mark b2866398
Out of the east Hearn, Lafcadio b2867130
Outlines of mineralogy Kidd, John b2866795
Palais de San Donato. Demidov, Anatolīĭ b2866026
Pantopia Harris, Frank b2865693
Paradise lost Milton, John b2699493
Pauline and the matches b2867980
Permanentszene Thomkins, André b2178562
Personal memoirs of P. H. Sheridan, general, United States Army Sheridan, Philip Henry b2699331
Porno-graphics Greenburg, Dan b1964715
Practical business administration b2699890
Principes généraux de métallurgie Guenyveau, André b2866860
Profitable practice Clapp, George Wood b2699994
Red bird Logue, Christopher b2868103
Reste Rainer, Arnulf b1925124
Selected shorter poems, 1950-1970 Williams, Emmett b1964717
Self-quiz reading course on business management, including finance, budgets, production, industrial leadership, sales methods, advertising, and practical and higher accountancy b2699891
Shadowings. Hearn, Lafcadio b2867122
Silver: pewter: Sheffield plate Burgess, Fred. W. b2865841
Some Chinese ghosts Hearn, Lafcadio b2867119
Sonnets from the Portuguese Browning, Elizabeth Barrett b2699335
Stray leaves from strange literature Hearn, Lafcadio b2699942
Studies of nature. Saint-Pierre, Bernardin de b2866849
System of theoretical and practical chemistry Accum, Friedrich Christian b2699987
Tables for the determination of common minerals chiefly by their physical properties Crosby, William Otis b2866350
The achievements of Stanley and other African explorers. Headley, Joel Tyler b2699309
The apple tree Bianco, Margery Williams b2699945
The beautiful life of Frances E. Willard Gordon, Anna A. b2866858
The boyhood of Abraham Lincoln Gore, J. Rogers b2865699
The British essayists b2867800
The chemical catechism, with notes, illustrations and experiments Parkes, Samuel b2699950
The colloidal and crystalloidal state of matter Rohland, Paul Waldemar b2699982
The crown of Columbus Dorris, Michael b2217414
The diary of John Evelyn Evelyn, John b2866411
The distiller ... Hall, Harrison b2866798
The elements of experimental chemistry Henry, William b2866179
The elements of experimental chemistry. Henry, William b2866178
The elusive neutrino Solomey, Nickolas b2640060
The handbook of turning b2699337
The House that Jack built b2867979
The International encyclopedia of surgery b2866329
The laws of the United States of America b2699327
The library handbook of genuine trade secrets and instructions for cleaning, repairing and restoring old manuscripts, engravings and books, as practised by the experts. Haslam, W b2867111
The life and travels of General Grant ... Headley, Joel Tyler b2699332
The lost cause Pollard, Edward Alfred b2866162
The master's violin Reed, Myrtle b2699873
The poems and prose sketches of James Whitcomb Riley . Riley, James Whitcomb b2866166
The poetical works of Dr. William King King, William b2699343
The poetical works of John Milton Milton, John b2699342
The Presbyterian hymnal b2867968
The prologue to The Canterbury tales Chaucer, Geoffrey b1964714
The story of Bing Crosby Crosby, Ted b2699521
The tragedy of Macbeth Shakespeare, William b2867104
The vanity of arts and sciences Agrippa von Nettesheim, Heinrich Cornelius b2699512
The World's great and eccentric characters b2699936
The years of youth Shriver, Phillip R. b2047696
Unfamiliar Lafcadio Hearn Kirkwood, Kenneth P. b2867132
Views of nature, or, Contemplations on the sublime phenomena of creation Humboldt, Alexander von b2699503
White slavery today ... Bell, Ernest A. b2867783
Wind instruments Wilson, Richard b2868131
Wyeth at Kuerners Wyeth, Andrew b1925610
Youma Hearn, Lafcadio b2867125